A new controller and name?

Sony’s conference is nearly upon us, this could be my last blog dealing with an un-announced PlayStation 4. Today I would just like to write a short blog on two more rumor’s involving that PlayStation 4 name and controller.

I’ll start with the name of the PlayStation 4. I’m sure most of ye have heard the rumor’s of the name change for the PlayStation, mainly the ‘Orbis’. I have been calling it the PlayStation 4 and So has most of the web but will that actually be the name? or are Sony planning on changing it?. Well I hope Sony sticks to the standard naming conventions but that is unlikely because  after reading about this topic online I have discovered that the number 4 is bad luck in Japan as it sounds like death. I would like Sony to follow suit and call it the PlayStation 4, what do you think? (Also Click here for information on the number 4 being unlucky in Japan)

You can Click here for an image of the new controller (which I found via Digital Foundary on Twitter).
I have done a good bit of reading on this, from what I have gathered and what you can see in the picture is that the new dualshock4 controller will be similar in style to the dualshock3 controllers.

From reading about this I learned that the touch pad on the front of the controller is real and has replaced the select button and start button. I am very interested to see what they are going to use this new feature for. Apparently the L2 and R2 buttons have been remodelled which if this is true I will be happy with. When I moved from the Xbox 360 controller to the Playststion 3 controller I found it a bit tricky to use those buttons as my fingers kept slipping off them and I felt that they could have been better designed, which it now appears Sony have done.

So I would love the next generation console by Sony to be called the PlayStstion 4 but I’m uncertain about that. But i am happy with the sound of the controller, the touch pad may not be needed but I’m very interested to see how they are going to implement it into games and the console itself.

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