Sony announces February 20th conference.

I am sure at this stage that most people have heard the many rumors circling around the web about the announcement of the PlayStation4.

Sony has announced to the press that they will be holding a conference on the 20th of February in New York. This has only helped to increase the buzz and speculations about the next gen console by Sony.

I don’t know about you but personally I believe that Sony will announce the PlayStation4. Altho it would be quite funny if Sony used this conference to talk about PlayStation move+ or announce a new PlayStation vita, but I really don’t think they would do that.  I have a couple of reasons  to think this:

Big games have stopped being announced for the playstation 3. Sony only holds conferences for media so they can announce the next big project they have undertaken. Even this tease trailer (i guess you can call it) shows the good old x, circle, square and triangle buttons that we are so used to on the PlayStation controllers.

Feel free to take the polls and give me some feedback on what you think.

If the PlayStation is announced what year do you thin it will be released?

and if you don’t feel that it will be released this year please

leave a comment on when you think it will be released.

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